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The name of Chin’s Heating & Cooling is renowned as a leading HVAC service provider in GTA. Now, people can avail a wide range of services at an affordable cost. Heating and cooling units are compulsory to survive in the bone-chilling winter of GTA, and we are here to deliver ultimate air conditioning services for our valuable clients across GTA.

Why Chin’s Heating & Cooling?
Maintenance is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to air conditioning units, and our professionals can fix every problem associated with their air conditioning units.
Skilled Workers: Our professionals acquire sound knowledge in repairing heating and cooling units, and they can work on various models and brands without facing any issues. Apart from repairs, our experts can also help in installing an air conditioner or yearly servicing to enhance the efficiency of the unit.
Reliable: Chin’s Heating & Cooling has become a brand of reliability for offering excellent services over the years. They aim to provide the best quality service in the Canadian market.
24x7 Support: Air conditioning system is a necessity for house owners across GTA and Chin’s Heating & Cooling is offering 24x7 AC repairing services.

Fix refrigerant related problems

Most of the air conditioners use R410A, which is a coolant. Lack of R410A can negatively impact the efficiency of heating and cooling, and users often call professionals to fix refrigerant related problems in their air conditioning unit. Repairing refrigerant related issues can be severe and one must call an expert service provider to fix it easily.

  1. As a leading HVAC service provider in GTA, Chin’s Heating & Cooling is fully committed to offering the best solutions.
  2. We work with a great team of expert technicians and workers who have the expertise to take care of everything.
  3. From installation, servicing to repair, you can get 24×7 emergency repair service from us.
  4. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to offer the best quality work, and we aim to utilize all of our knowledge and domain expertise to help our clients in the best possible manner.

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Tips on maintenance

There are two critical components (evaporator and condenser) in the air conditioner unit that play an essential role in controlling the temperature. Most of the heating and cooling units are connected with the ductwork, blower and motor that circulate heat throughout the house. The evaporator and condenser tend to be sealed and hence one needs to call the professionals for maintenance.

  1. Heating and cooling units play a vital role in controlling home temperatures during summer and winters, and people should opt for annual maintenance to enjoy optimum cooling round the year.
  2. A frequent tune-up can prevent severe problems from time to time and this is an excellent way to reduce the cost of repairing.
  3. The condenser is very important to provide optimum heating and cooling, and it tends to accumulate dust and debris from lawn mowing, airborne dust and trees. Cleaning the dust and debris from the condenser can help the condenser to work properly and you can save on the cost of repairing.
  4. Vicinity of trees near condenser can negatively impact the airflow and quality of air at the same time. Try to remove the obstructions near the condenser to enjoy the best quality airflow.
  5. Make sure the outdoor unit is uncovered.
  6. Users can clean the serrate surface inside the grills, and it will improve the efficiency of the unit.
  7. To check the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, you can test the unit on the first warn day to monitor the effectiveness.

Our Experts Can Help In Fixing Problems with Drain Ports

Water leaking is just another common problem associated with air conditioning system and experts at Chin’s Heating & Cooling, offer repair works for leaking issues.

Some companies use drain ports, and it can get damaged over years of use. At Chin’s Heating & Cooling, we work with expert professionals and they can help in cleaning clogged drain ports to get back the efficiency at its best.

Fixing Problems in the Fan

Dust and dirt can stop the fan from functioning properly, and whenever the fan gets affected, it results in poor airflow. Noisy and dirty fans can negatively affect the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and our experts can help to fix any problem associated with the fan.

In most cases, dust and debris affect the performance, and our experts use the latest techniques to fix different problems. In case you are facing troubles with the faulty fan motor, our technicians will test it and offer the most appropriate solutions to fix it.

Fix Compressor and Motor Problems

The compressor and motor problems can occur after years of use, and it can turn out to be a severe problem for the homeowners. Experts at Chin’s Heating & Cooling work with a brilliant group of expert HVAC professionals to fix a wide range of problems associated with your air conditioning system and you can avail service for most of the major brands available in GTA.

Get Rid Of Thermostat Problems

A minor problem in the thermostat can negatively affect the performance of the air conditioner, and our experts can help you to get rid of the issues. We have the right tools to check your thermostat to test the efficiency of your unit.

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